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Thiruvalanchuzhi Sri Swetha Vinayakar

Thiruvalanchuzhi Sri Swetha Vinayakar is near Swamimalai and Kumbakonam. The Lord of this village is karpathesar Goddess of the Lord is Periyanayaki in olden age long ago Cauveri divided deep went into depth viz pathalam and no where seen with in the surface. This was seen by Eranda sage and shocked upon the naturai phonons he decided to bring back the sacred caurvery to surface even by giving. his life and as conceived he has given this life for this purpose. Cauveri river all in a suddedn came out to surface and has its run towards right side with freshness Because of this naturai disaster and the historical even of Branda Sage. The village named as Valansuzhi. The Lord vinayakar is in white colour and in tiny roobam is for Dharshan. The Lord white Vinayakar is in the Sea foam form There is no performance of Abishegam for this Lord. Only green champhor is applied to this deity Vinayagar

Main Festival of this Temple

Festival first day
Panchamoorthy Purappadu Festival
Vinayaga Chadurthi Car Festival
Theerthavari Festival


Thirupurambiam Vinayagar

Thirupurambiam Vinayagar temple is to the north-west of kumbakonam and is reached through pulianeheri a village on the way to swamimalai. The first praharam has niches for devatas and is called thirumaligai thiruvayal.  It has a beautiful small gopura at the entrance.  The second outer praharamt called thiruthorana vayal has a five tiered gopura rising 81ft tall.The goddess is karumbadu solli.  She also bears the name kuravila azhagi .  To the south-east is pralayam katha pilliar Koil.  The legends declare that he saved this place from deluge and hence got this name.Punnai is the holy tree of this temple.  It is in the north-west of the first praharam


Ganapathi Agraharam

Ganapathi agraharam is a village in the bus route Thiruvaiyaru - Kumbakonam. This is near by Swamimali. Vinayagasathurthi Festival is famous in this temple. On that day the Lord Ganapathy goes to the River Cauvery and give a "Theertham" in the bank of river Cauvery. In that same day the naivethiyam ie "Kozhukattai" (raice with sweet purnam) is prepared in their houses by the devotees and distributed to them in the temple itself.


Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar Temple

Pillayarpatti Karpaga Vinayagar koil is one of the oldest Cave Temples (Rock Cut) temples of Tamilnadu and situated at Pillayarpatti, which is between Pudukkottai and Karaikkudi. The Vinayagar sannidhi (Sanctom Sanctorum) is a cave where the 6 feet of Karpaga Vinayagar has been carved inside. Vinayagar Chathurthi is the very important festival in this temple  "VINAYAGAR CHATURTHI" celebrated every year on Aavani is the important festival of this village. This festival is celebrated for 10 days in a grand manner. Pillayarpatti is situated at a distance of 71Kms from Madurai and 12Kms from Karaikudi Temple Timing From 06.00 A.M - 1.00 P.M  From 04.00 P.M - 8.30 P.M 


Adhi vinayagar Temple or Nara Mukha Pillaiyar or Human Faced Ganesh

Adhi Vinayagar Temple is in Muktheeswarar temple at Thilatharpanapuri which is near by Koothanoor in the Mayavaram Tiruvarur road. It is also known as Sethalapathy. The Vinayagar with human face is known as Adhi Vinayagar.  Adi Vinayagar  is also called Nara Mukha Vinayakar. This is the unique temple with the God Ganesh with out elephant head. This is the ancient form of  Vinayagar. In this temple devotees are doing Thila Tharpana ritual which is the Hindu ritual of Pithur Karmas.  


Ucchi Pillayar koil

The Ucchi Pillayar koil  temple is situated at the top of the rock.  It is a 7th century Temple and related to the Epic Ramayana.  Ravanas Brother Vibhishana on the way to his kingdom, tries to find someone to hold the deity Renganathar while he was taking bath. He finds one small boy (vinayaga).  Vinayaka takes the deity and keeps it in the bank of Cauvery.  After bathing  the vibhishana got angry and chases the boy. He was running and climbs over the rock. This is the Ucchi Pillayar Koil .  So, this is the very old temple.  The site seeing from this temple is very beautiful.  We get a beautiful view of srirengapuram Gopuram from this hill. This temple is near by the Cauvery river. Temple is located at main guard gate Trichy.  Another Ucchi Pillayar Temple is in Kumbakonam near Sarangapani Temple. Biggest Kozhukatai Pooja is offered on the Vinayaga chadurthi day.


Karumbayiram Pillaiyar and Bhavath Vinayagar Kumbakonam

As the story goes, the Vinayaka – Lord’s abidance here is founded on a challenge  thrown to the Lord in a little Brahmin-guy’s guise, by a trader in sugarcanes who brought thousands in a cart load for sale. The little boy asked for one. Denied, he vanished in to the sacred site and the sap of the canes went dry. Realising his mistake, repenting, contrife of heart, the trader tprayed the Lord and Sri Vinayaka “refilled” his thousand’s of sugar canes with the sweet-sap that turned them proper.He built a temple of yore and workshiped the Lord of Lords – Vinayaka here. Hence the name Karumbairam Konda Vinayakar (literally Vinayaka who consumed a thousand sugarcanes).


Manakula vinayagar Pondicherry

The Manakula Vinayagar Temple is in Puducherry town.  Temple is facing east direction near by seashore.  This is a beautiful temple and vinayaga chathurthi is famous in this temple.   This deity  is called as Manakula Vinyagar  why because  on those days there was a pond  and due to effect of sea, the pond was full of sand. So, this place is called manakulam. (manal – sand + kulam – pond).
Morining - 6.30 am & 11.00 am
Evening - 4.30 pm & 9.00 pm
6.30 am Everyday for Devotees
11.00 am Monday to Thursday for Devotees

Vinayagar with his consort

According to one tradition, Ganesha was a brahmachari, that is, unmarried,  On the other hand,  The vinayagar having two consort that is siddhi buddhi Vnayagar.  This is with the concepts of Siddhi  (spiritual power) and Buddhi (intellect), . So, Vinayagar is a  Supreme god  with  intellect and spiritual power. That is why he is called siddhi buddhi vinayagar.

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