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Tiruvarur temple is closely connected with the important phase of the Bhakthi movement. The three Nayanmars, who heralded the Bhkathi movement, spanning over a period of two centuries, Sri Thirugnanasambandar, Sri Thirunavukarasar and Sri Sundaramurthi have sung in praise of Tiruvarur and its temple. Sri Thriugnanasambandar and Sri Thirunavukarasar belonged to the seventh century A.D and Sri Sundaramurthi Nayanmar's period is said to be 8th century A.D. Sri Thirugnanasambandar has composed five ‘pathigam' on Tiruvarur while Sri Thirunavukarasar has contributed 21 ‘pathigam' and Sri Sundaramoorthi Nayanmar, eight ‘pathigam'.

Kantha Sasti Festival at Sikkal Singaravalan Temple

Skanda Sashti, also known as Kanda Sashti, is the most important festival dedicated to Lord Murugan. The important day of Kantha Sasti Festival is surasamharam. It is the day in this year marked as the day of Lord Muruga getting the weapon " Vel " from Amman to kill the demon which day is celebrated as "Surasamharam" on the sasti day. Sikkal is the important place which is closely related to surasamharam. Sikkal is situated on the Nagapattinam-Thiruvarur route. During the Tamil month of Arpasi, Skanda Shashti is celebrated in a grand manner for the main ruling deity Singaravelavar. Tradition tells us that the Lord received the Vel at Sikkal and killed Surapadman at Tiruchendur the next day. During Skanda Shashti, Lord Singaravelavar will receive the Vel one day prior to Surasamharam from his mother to destroy the demon Surapadman. After receiving the Vel even today, one will find Muruga's face perspiring, which is a miracle.


Scholars in Thiruvarur

Sekkizhar describes the best virtues and divine blessings gained by Sri Sundaramorthy Nayanmar and describes his life in detail. Sri Sundarar was born in Tirunavalur to Sadainayanar and Isainaniyar of Adi Saiva sect. Sri Sundarar stayed at Tiruvarur for a long time and returned there often even during his long itineraries. Sri Sundarar, fell in love with Paravainachiyar, a beautiful dancing girl and Lord Aruran accomplished His devotee's wish to marry her. Again when they fell apart because of Sundarar's marriage with another girl Sangili Nachiyar, Lord Aruran intervened and reunited them.Eyarkon Kalikkamar and Viranmindar are two other Nayanmars whose lives are connected with Tiruvarur While this was at the seventh and eighth centuries, nearly 150 to 200 years back, Music trinities were born and lived at Tiruvarur. It is a rare coincidence that all the three Saint composers Sadguru Thyagaraja, Shyama Sastrigal and Muthusway Dikshithar were born at Tiruvarur.


Sangeetha Mummorthy Festival
Trinity of Carnatic Music @ Thiruvarur

The naThe names of Sri Thagaraja Swamigal, Sri Shyama Sastrigal and Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar are woven inextricably into Carnatic musicShyama Sastri’s career was slightly different from the other two Mummurthis, having been born in a family of Archakas , worshippers of Devi Kamakshi at Thanjavur for several generations Thyagaraja is the most popular of the musical Trinity, all born in Thiruvarur, the sacred town which has been placed on the same pedestal with Kasi(Benaras), as having the unique distinction of giving salvation or mukthi to the person born in the former and shuffling of his mortal coils in the latter.Muthuswami Dikshitar’s family had a tradition of accomplishments in music. His father, Ramaswami Dikshitar, a gifted composer, was a disciple of Venkata Vaidyanattha Dikshitar, grand son of Venkatamaki.


Thiruvarur Chola King

Thiruvarur is the Capital  of Manu Neethi Kondachola of chola kingdom . This ruler vindicated the impartiality of Justice  even against his own son, the crown prince. It is recorded that he ordered to prince to be run over by a chariot in response to the cry of the cow which, by ringing bell of Justice at the place gate, complained the loss of its Calf which had been run over by princes chariot. King Manuneethi Cholan came to know, that the carelessness of his son has caused the death of the calf. So, he wanted to punish his son for the convict of the calf’s murder. He killed his son by the same manner how the calf was killed.

Lagoon and Mangrove Forest

The word 'lagoon' refers to the shallow salt or brackish water body that lies close to the sea. Muthupet reserve forest covers the lagoon, river creeks and the mudflats. Muthupet  Lagoon is a spectacular natural creation, which is 8 km from nearby Muthupet town and can be reachable only by boat.  The mangroves have grown close to water level in lagoon side but not in seashore

Temples Near Thiruvarur

ThyagarajarBig Temple
Sikkal Murugan Temple
Thirugannangudi Divyadesam
Engan Murugan Temple
Ettukudi Murugan Temple
Thirugannamangai Divyadesam
Vaduvur Ramar Temple
Thiruthuraipoondi Hanuman Temple

Vaduvur Bird Sanctuary

5 kms from Thanjavur and 30 kms from Thiruvarur. Birds have extended their stay at the Vaduvur Bird Sanctuary near Mannargudi due to the availability of water in the lake. Nearly 38 species of birds have been spotted

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