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Who is Siva and Sakthi

Ambal, Ambikai, Gauri, Gnanambika , Durga , Kali, Rajeswari, Tripurasundari are all other names for sakthi. Sakthi is Herself pure blissful consciousness and is nature itself born of the creative play of Her thought. The sakthi cult the conception of Gold as the universal Mother. Without Siva, Sakthi has no existence and without Sakthi, Siva has no expression. Waveless ocean is Siva. Ocean with waves is Sakthi. Sakthi is spoken of as Mother, because that is the aspect of the supreme in which she is regarded as the Genetrix and nourisher of the Unierse. But God is neither male nor female. He is named according to the body in which He is manifested.

Hindusim is the only religion in the world which has emphasized much the Motherhood of God. The Devi Sukta appears in the tenth Mandal of the Rig Veda. Siva and Sakthi are essentially one. It is said in the very first verse of Kalidass Raghuvamsa that Sakthi and Siva stand to each other in the same relationship as the word and its meaning. Just as heat and fire are inseparable, so Sakthi and Siva are inseparable. Lord Siva can not do anything without Sakthi. This is emphasized by Sri Sankaracharya in the first verse of Saundarya Lahari. Sakthi is like the sanke with motion. Siva is like the motionless snake. Waveless ocean is Siva. Ocean with waves is Sakthi. The transcendental supreme Being is Siva. The manifested immanent aspect of the Supreme is Sakthi. Siva is attributeless. He is Nishkriya. Sakthi is with attributes. She creates. Sakthi is compared to a rope made up of tricoloured threads.

Mother Kali has a terrible form but she is not really terrible. She is almerciful and gentle. She wears a garland made up of the skulls. What does this mean? She wears the heads of Her devotees. How loving and affectionate she is to Her devotees. Kali is divine Mother. She is the sakthi or power of Lord Siva. She is the dynamic aspect of Siva. He is absolutely calm, motionless, breathless with His eyes closed in Samadhi. He is actionless changeless. He is untouched by the cosmic play or Lila that is eternally going on upon His breast.

Thirukarugavur Mullaivananathar with Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple Vaikasi Festival
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Kathiramangalam Vanadurga Temple

Kathiramangalam Vanadurga is one of the nava durga temple. The presiding deity is Shri Vana Dhuraga Parameswari amman.  . It is believed that She visits Kasi during the nights and comes back every day. Ancient Name of the Village is “Siva Malliga Vanam” .  The special pooja for this temple is held during Raghu kalam on Sundays. So, she is also called Raghu Kala Durai.  When Agarthiyar came this vanam, he prayed this Durga.  Margandeya also prayed the Goddess.   The full name of the village is “Kathir Veaintha Mangalam” . The Tamil Poet Kambar  prayed the Durga when he wrote the Ramayana.  He lived here for long time.  In all temple,  Durga is one amoung the Deities. But the separate temple for Durga is in kathiramangalam.  Here the Durga is in the Padma Peedam where as in other temple the Durga is in Simma or Mahisha Vahanam. The Temple is facing east. The temple is situated 25 kilometer away from Kumbakonam  and 15 kilometre from mayiladuthurai.



Patteeswaram Durga Temple

The Cholas reigned with capitals in more than one place. Tanjore, Gangaikonda Cholapuram were their capitals for some time. But in between, a place very near Kumbakonam called Pazhayarai was also their capital. As the kings were crowned there it came to be called Mudikonda Cholapuram. This place consisted of many subdivisions as Thiruchattimurratam, Vadathali, Thiruertali, Cholan Maligai, Sundaraperumal coil, Darasuram, Muzhaiyur and vallalar coil and circling Cholan Maligai were four Padaiurs. In the west was Pudupadaiyur in the east Aryapadaiyur, in the south Pampapadaiyur and in the north Manappadaiyur. Pattisvaram was a suburb of this Pazhaiyarai, and it was also known as Mazhapadi. Each place is important and deserves a leisurely look. Some of them are in ruins now. As it was the capital of the Cholas for sometime, historians and art lovers apart from pilgrims will find it very interesting.

Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple Karparakshambigai Koil Thirukarugavur
20 Kms from Kumbaknam and 20 Kms from Thanajvur

Lord of the temple Mullivaneswarar Goddess Karumbanyal Lord Moon worshiped the Lord made out of sand.The goddess helped and orphan woman during her delivery of a child protected  her. So, she is named Karparakshambigai Sundarar and Appar praised this Lord.
Once there lived a Rishi called Nidhruva who lived with his beautiful wife Vedhika in an Ashram. He spent his life praying to the lord and performing holy rites. Since the Goddess Parvathi appeared in the form of a savior to protect Vedhika’s unborn child in the pregnancy time , she was known as Shri arbharakshambika (The one who protects the unborn child or the one who protects the womb) which temples to visit during pregnancy To this day, pregnant women visiting this temple and praying to Sri Garbarakshambigai have a peaceful delivery and it is believed that the Devi takes care of them and vouches safety to women during pregnancy and child birth, just as she took care of Vedhika.

Koothanur Sri Saraswathi Amman Temple Kuthanur

15 Kms from Mailaduthurai and 22 Kms from Thiruvarur 35 Kms From Kumbakonam

This is the Unique Temple in Tamilnadu  on the bank of the Arisalaar, a tributary of the Kaveri. The temple was built by a renowned Tamil poet, Ottakoothar, and the town itself is named after him as Koothanur. Koothanur was gifted this land by the Chozha kings, under whom he had served as the chief court poet. Kulothungan, Vikraman, Rajarajan II were all glorified by the presence of Ottakoothar in their court. As Goddess Saraswathi is for Learning, devotees can perform pooja in this temple to get excellent education and for learning fine arts. Musicians sing here and many even choose to perform here first. Instrumentalists have pooja performed for their instruments here. Apart from art and culture, Goddess Saraswathi also showers Her blessings for the education of children.

Thirukadaiyur Abirami Amman Temple

16 Kms from Mailaduthurai

The Amirthakadeshwarar Abirami Amman Temple of Thirukadaiyur is associated with the legends of Markandeya and Abirami Battar.

The New Moon and Abhirami Amman

Abirami Battar lived during the rule of King Serfoji (Sarabhoji). He was completely devoted to the Consort of Amirthakadeshwarar, Abirami. He would sit in meditation and in the blissful state of trance for hours - sometimes days  together in the presence of the Mother.King Serfoji, who had visited the temple, saw this temple priest, who was lost in himself and did not even stand up as an elementary mark of respect to the King. Abirami Battar was at that moment meditating and was immersed in the vision of the luminous visage of the Divine Mother. The king was annoyed with Battar for not showing the respects due to him and enquired about him with the persons standing close by. Unfortunately, he was told that 'this fellow' was a fraud. The King then approached Abirami Battar and asked him for the thithi (lunar day) of that day. It was new moon day. Since the mind of Abirami Battar was filled with the luminescent vision of the Mother, he - even without opening his eyes said that it was full moon day.
The King was angered by this answer and he thought that he had a clue to the 'true bearings' of this fraud. 'If there is no full moon rising this evening,' he warned Battar, 'you will be put to death.' Abirami Battar was told what had happened only after he opened his eyes after a long time, from his meditation. Poetry, evocative, moving and having the power to melt the hearts of all, flowed from him right from that moment. He sang a hundred verses in praise of Abirami. The verses are known as Abirami Antadhi, a unique kind of poetry that begins with the last foot - or a portion of it - of the previous verse. And the last foot of the last verse would end with the first foot of the first line of first verse. The Mother took Her earring and threw it in the sky. That shone in the sky brighter than the full moon.
King Serfoji realised the greatness of Abirami Battar. Despite the refusal of Battar, he had documented his command on copper plates to donate one-hundredth part of his revenue from all villages to him and his successors. The copper plate is still in possession of the successors of Abirami Battar.

Ayyavadi Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi Temple

Ayyavadi sri maha prathyangira devi temple  is near Thirunageswaram and 5 kms from Kumbakonam. Prathyangira Devi is the lion headed form of the divine Goddess. The old name of the village is Aivar Padi. Because the 5 Pandavas visited this place  worshiped Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi.  Ayyavadi Temple is a unique temple.  Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi's worship will take away all evil forces and unsolvable problems from one's life.  In this temple , Red chillies Homams are performed every new moon day (amavasya pooja) and even in the full moon day.  On that time  Red chillies are offered  more no of bags. But at that time no hot effect is there. This is the specially of this Homam.

Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple

Thirumiyachur is the temple of lalitambika sameta meganatha swamy temple. This place is about 20 kms from Mayavaram near Peralam on the Mayavaram Thiruvarur Road.  The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Meghanatha and the consort is Goddess Lalithambigai.  By His grace Surya Bhagavan attained papa vimochanam and Sun worships the Lord .  Lalitha sahasranamam stotra is found in the Brahmanda puranam.  Hayagriva taught Agastya and Agastya then came here and initiated into this Lalitha sahasranamam.  Lalita Sahasranama is held as a sacred text for the worship of the Divine Mother, Lalitha and all other Goddess like Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Parvathi, Durga.  Asthabhujanga Durga is on the Northern side of the outer Praharam.  A parrot is in her right hand.  The parrot is supposed to be taking the message to Lalithambigai when devotees, who want their prayers to come true. This is believed by the devotees. Kshetrapuraneswarar is in the Western side of the outer Praharam.  Lord Shiva is seen holding the cheeks of his consort and pacifying her. We can see the statue with smile and anger from either side of the divine statue.

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