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The guru Vijayeendra the Parama Guru the of Sri Raghaveendra was best ofall the discioles to Vijayssarya Studying all the art forms, treatises since his child hood.He Won the affection and love of Viuasaraya Vuasarya sent Vijayeendra to the care of surendra teertha, His early name was Vishnteertha who later became popular by the nameVijayeendra. He was in Kumbakonam. His Brithavan is in Solaipapan Street Kumbakonam. He is a Parama Guru of Sri Raghavendra Swamigal. He did so many miracle in Kumbaoknam about the traditonial value of "aya kalaikal 63".

 A lot of saints, and Yohis from various parts this country have come to Kumbakonam for their valuable living and to have their eternal peace at the lotus foot of Lord Kumbeswarar.

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          Among them a notable Jeevan Mukthar called Sri Vijayeendra Thirtha    hailing from Andhra had come to Kumbakonam along with his Guru Surendrar.  Vijayendra Theerthar was a Master of all the 64 Arts comprising all the faculties.  His Mastery in Vedas & Epics was proved unmistakably when he succeeded on a battle of debate, run for a week and more with his rival Thiru Linger Rajendrar a Scholar and Pandit of Vedanthas on those days and under whom the administration of all the Temples around Kumbakonam was kept.  Having defeated in the Debate, Linga Rajendran had handed over the administration of Temples to Vijayeendra Theerthar who had administered the welfare and their Developments of temples capably by establishing a Mutt after his name as “Vijayendra Mutt”. His talent in Music was also proved when he had a musical concert to with a disciple of the famous North Indian music.  Genius Tan-Sen. Vijayendra Theerthar proved his Mastery of Hindustani songs by singing a sang so melodiously and his rival admitted his defeat.  Then his rival challenged Veerendrar as to whether he was capable of singing a Masterpiece Raga of ‘Tan-sen’ i.e. “Dheepak.  Vijeyendra had taken the challenge by putting a pair of five faceted Dheepam unlighted in front of him and began to sing the Raga of ‘Dheepak’.  During the course of Ragha Alapava the people who have gathered to see this contest were delighted to see the lamps were automatically lighted and burnt very brightly.    He had also sung a song on “Amirtha Varshini” Ragha and brought a thunderous Down pouring rain to prove his mastery and excellency in the musical field.

          Similarly he proved his talents in various fields.  Once he walked over a plantain fibre tied across the towers of Kumbeswarar Temple and Sarangapani temple to prove his balance.  He was therefore called as “Ajoy Vijayendrar” later.  It is to be noted here that the famous saint “Raghavendrar” had also stayed and studied at this Mutt as “Gurugula Vasam”.  Vijayendra Theerthar as a “Jeevan Mukthar had his Jeeva Samadhi” at this Brindavan and still he is blessing the people and Devotees who are visiting the Mutt from various places.

Bhuvanagiri Raghavendra Swamy Temple

Bhuvanagiri is the birth place of Sri Raghavendra Swamigal.  He was born as the second sun of Sri Thimanna Bhatta and Gopikamba on Sukla Navami in 1598.  His birth name is Sri venkata Natha or Venkata Ramana. His first guru is Sri lakshminarayana Acharya. He got sanyasa at 1621.  His wife is Sri mathi Saraswathi and his son is Sri Lakshminarayana. They went to Kumbakonam. Venkathanatha and his family were welcomed in the mutt at Kumbakonam. His Sanyasa Guru is sudheendra Theertha and he was lean from Kumbakoam. Venkathanatha mastered all lessons at the Mutt. His Moola Brindavana is at Mantralayam.  Raghavendra Aradhana is also celebrated every year at Bhuvanagiri and Kumbakonam also. Guru SRI VIJAYEENDRA THEERTHARU is the paramaguru of Sri Raghavendra swamy. So, Bhuvanagiri, Kumbakoam and Mantralayam are the important places to visit and get his blessings.

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During 18th Century a saint named Sri Jegannadha Theerthar had come to Kumbakonam all along from Kosala which is around 20 Kms. from Mysore in Karnataka where there is a Mutt called Vyasa Raja Mutt.  They are worshiping Udipi Krishna. Sri Jegannadha Theerthar who was the head of the Mutt during 1770, his disciple Sri Vidyanatha Theerthar who was head of the Mutt during 1788 and his disciple Sri Vidyapathi Theerthar have chosen Kumbakonam to attain Jeevasamathi and had their Bhrindavan at Kumbakonam.  The Guru Bhooja of Jegannathar Theerthar was performed recently and it was conducted by Sri Vidya Manohara Theerthar who is the present Peetathipathi of Vyasa Raja Mutt Kosala who has come from Kosala for performing Guru Pooja.


Sri Padagacheri Ramalinga Swamigal

Similarly during 20th century and another saint named Padagacheri Swamigal had come to Muthupillaimandapam a hamlet of Kumbakonam from Guntakal and stayed here nearly 16 years.  During this period he had undertook renovation work on important temples viz. Nageswaran Temple (Rajakopuram was built by his effort) and Mariammankovil of Thanjavur etc. It is learnt that he used to hang a Hundi tied in his neck and collected money from public for the construction works of temples.  In order to honour his efforts and devotion a statue of PadagaCheriswamigal with a hundi hanging from his neck was.  Installed in Nageswaran temple near Rajagopuram.  He attained his Jeevasamadhi at Padagacheri which is nearer to Valangaiman.  Poojas are being performed every month during full moon days.


Mouna Guru Swamigal Kumbakonam

During 19th Century there was a great saint named “Mouna Guru Swamigal” who had come from North to Kumbakonam stayed here for 25 years and attained his Jeevasamadhi during 1899.  It is learnt that Swami Vivegananda, Kanchi Acharyal and Vadalur Ramalinga Swamigal etc. have come and met Swamiji.  The renovation of His Jeevasamadhi is being carried out by Devotees of Kumbakonam.



Rama Sathu and Sri Anna Kottayur

Similarly an another sage named “Rama Sathu who was hailing from North had come to Kumbakonam settled at Kottaiyur a Hamlet of Kumbakonam situated at Northern Bank of Cauveri.  He spent all his life in chanting Rama Nama and in Meditation and had his samadhi there.  His samadhi is maintained as a Dhyana Mandapam and Poojas are going on. His Disciple Sri Anna is who is running school of orphanage at Kottayur called “Vallalar Illam is maintaining the Poojas there.  An another Disciple named Konakkarai Swamigal who is at Konakkarai is also performing Poojas there.

Thus Kumbakonam with its heritage found to be a birth place cradle for the birth and growth of great souls like sages and saints and thereby proved its immortality of existence.


Bolagam Sri Vijayagopala Yathi Swamigal

Bolagam Sri Vijayagopala Yathi Swamigal to be the only path to spiritual realization. Polagam “Sri Vijaya Gopala Yathi Swamigal has glorified Bajan sampirathayam by his compositions namely Thodayamangalam, Pooja Dhivyanamam,, Dolotswavam and Mangalam Athishtanam of Yathi Swamigal has been renovated with Granits.

Sri vijayagopala swamigal adhishtanam - mutt polagam is in between Kumbakonam - Karikkal via Eravancheri bus route. It is also native place of Papanasam Sivan

Periyavachan Pillai

Birth Place : Senkanur (12 Kms from Kumbakonam) Period : 1167 -1262 Periyavachan Pillai vyakyanam  Periya vAchAn pillai appears to write vyAkyAnam for prabandams

King of Commendator of Diravida Vetham ie. Divya Prabhandam (4000 pasurams) He also Composed the Pasurapadi Ramayanamas


He was in ThiruvidaiMaruthur Temple (Near Kumbakonam) and his spirital activies are very stange and useful to the people. His life style is very simple. Pattinathar Samadhi which stands by the sea-shore near Tiruvottiyur. pattinathar padalgal lyrics are very meaning full and useful to human life. His birth name was Swetharanyar  He was born to Sivanesa Chettiar and Gnanakalai. He sang about the human life and its complex dimensions, made his lyrics more appealing to the common man


Saint  Sekkizhar was born in Kundrathur village Then he moved to Chidambaram in order to compose Periyapuranam The Epic was written by Sekkizhar around 12th Century and then Sekkizhar is said to have lived in Thirunageswaram according to Umapathi Sivachariyar who praised Sekkizhar very greatly. At this place, Sekkizhar got scent of supreme Knowledge at ahe feet of the Lord Naganatha swamy.  As a proof for this, the sculptures of Sekkizhar, his mother Azhakambika and his brother Balaravayar are found installed inside the temple. By this time, the temple was renovated by Sekkizhar.

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