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River Cauvery and importants of Ghats

Kaveri or Cauvery River is among the most sacred rivers of India and though to be the Dakshina Ganga or Ganga of Tamilnadu  South India. As per purana, Rishi Agastya  brought River Cauvery into the Himalayas. Talakaveri is the Birth Place or  Origin or starting point of Kaveri River. Cauvery is one of the 7 sacred rivers of India. The temple here is dedicated to Lord Agastheeswara, which denotes the link between Kavery and Sage Agasthya. The river Cauvery has been the inspiration for various civilizations. From its birth in Talakaveri till it merges with the Bay of Bengal (Poombukar) , a journey from western ghats to the delta Region or deltas of eastern coast of India.  Historically important urban centers of Cauvery Basin are Mysore, Trichy Thanjavur and so on.  Mukkombu, the Upper Anicut, constructed across the Cauvery and Coleroon is the lone picnic spot near the city, apart from Kallanai, the Grand Anicut, in the neighbouring Thanjavur district.  The Mettur Dam is a large and oldest dam in India. The maximum level of the dam is 120 ft

Adi Perukku 18 – River Cauvery Festival

Adiperukku  is a tamil festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of adi. This is the important festival of Cauvery Delta People. They contribute their prayer to the Mother Cauvery. Because water is the important to agriculture and evening in  all part of our life. From the historical days , these type of festival was celebrate in Tamil nadu. So, only they create a GHATS in the Cauvery river in all the place like Srirangam, Grand Anicut, Thiruvaiyaru, Kumbakoam, Mailaduthurai and Poombukar.

 Aadi Amavasai  and Holy Bath

 The Aadi Amavasai day is special day to offer some rituals and Tharpanam to the forefathers.  Aadi Amavasai comes in July-Aug. So the Hindus are expected to perform “Tharpanam” on this day, which is a recitation of certain mantras along with some rituals.  Taking a holy dip in a river or sea is important activity before performing a Tharpanam on that particular day. It is believed that all physical as well as mental impurities are washed away. In Tamilnadu the Holy Cauvery is important river to do this type of rituals and the most important places are Rameswaram, Poombukar and all seashore areas. In all siva and Vaishnav temple,  this day is to be considered as an important day. It will protect against the sins of our 7 generation of ancestors.


Cauvery in Srirangam is very broad and the river is one kilometre across. Amma mandapam  Ghat is very important in Trichy near Srirangam. Many ceremonies and rituals take place here.  The Renganathar Temples festival are take place in this area.  All the festival based on Cauvery is perform here in a grand way. So, it is a important Ghat of Cauvery.


The river Cauvery rises in the mountains of Goorg, on the west coast, and, taking a wide-ranging South-westerly direction, it falls into the sea in the distirict of Thanjavur, on the east coast, following a course of about 400 miles Grand Anicut (Kallanai) is perhaps the oldest dam in the world, constructed by the Chola King Karikalan  Grand Anicut dam on river Kaveri (1st-2nd Century CE) is one of the oldest water-regulation structures in the world still in use The dam is still in excellent repair, and supplied a model to later engineers


Thiruvaiyaru is the important Ghat next to Trihcy. Because the one of the Musical Saint “Thyagaraja Samathi” is in the Bank of River Cavuery in Thiruvaiyaru. Every year the Thyagaraja Aradhan Fesival is perform in the Bank of this River and  panchanadeeswarar - aiyaarappar temple Theerthavaari festival is also celebrate in the river Cavuery.


The Cauvery river in Kumbakonam is a important place. Because at the time of Mahamaham, the Vaishav Temple perumal come to the Ghats of Cauvery and celebrate the “Theerthaavari”. There are so many Ghats in Kumbakonam. Bhagavath Padithurai, Chakrapadithurai are some of the important Ghats. The South Indian Cambrige Collge is also in the bank of River Cauvery.


Thula Snanam -  Holy Bath in River Kaveri in Tamil Nadu

Thula Snaanam, also referred as Tula Punya Snanam, is an important bathing ritual observed in Tamil Nadu. It is observed in the Tamil Month Aipassi (October –  November), which is also referred as Thula – Aipassi. In the month, people wake up in the early morning and take holy dip in the River Cauvery (Kaveri). Special pujas dedicated to Kaveri are also held during the month. Temples along the banks of Kaveri River attracts large number of devotees during the entire period. Temples like Maayavaram and Srirangam and various temples in Kumbakonam, Tiruchi and other important places along the banks of River Kaveri are the most favored spots.

This is also called "Cauvery Pugum Pattinam in the Historical events.beautiful Kalikoodam is there



Poompuhar is a town in the Nagapattinam district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was once a flourishing ancient port city known as Kaveripoompattinam, which was the capital of the early Chola kings. It is located near the mouth of the Cauveri river, aside the sea coast which is called sangamam. The Holy River Cauveri sangamam (the river ends here) with Bay of Bengal in Poompuhar Costal area. Much of the town was washed away by what is now speculated to be a tsunami around 500 AD. The famous Art Gallery called as Kalaikoodam is here which give the historical memories of Tamil literature “Silappathiharam”. The Tamil Months Thai Ammavasai (New Moon day) and Chithirai Pournami (Full Moon day) are important days to celebrate the traditional festivals and Prayers here.

This is closely related to the Historical event of Kannaki and her story.

To commemorate the historic visist of Swami Vivekananda at Kumbakonam Railway Station in the moring of 3rd February 1897. Swami Vivekananda’s 150 Birth Anniversary celebrations commence from 2013. In fact as is well known, Swami Vivekananda traveled extensively as a monk, covering the length and breadth of the country. After he roared like a majestic lion at the parliament of religious at Chicago and spread the message of Vedanta throughout the Western world, he landed in India at Rameswhwaran on 26th January 1897. From there he traveled to Kumbakonam via Madurai and Tiruchirappalli and stayed thre days from 3rd to 5th February 1897 at Kumbakonam, where he delivered the Clarion call to the Nation  “ARISE AWAKE STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED.” To commemorate this Historic visit, inauguration of Pictorial Memory of Swami Vivekananda at Kumbakonam Railway Station was held on 15th December 2011.

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