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Mayiladuthurai Kadaimugam


Mayiladuthurai formerly known by (Mayuram) gets its name from the Mayura (peacock) form in which the Hindu goddess Parvathi worshipped Lord Shiva at this place. The town is situated on the banks of the Cauvery River.

“Kadaimugam” or “Kadaimuzhukku” Festival

The famous festival “Kadaimugam” or “Kadaimuzhukku” is celebrate in the River Cauvery in the tamil month of  “Ayppassi”. Mayooranathar Temple - The Mayuranathar Temple, also called the 'big temple' is a temple dedicated to Shiva.

Thiruindalur Divyadesam

This is 3 Kms from Mailaduthurai outskirts of Mayavaram across the River Cauvery.  It is one the Pancha Renga Kshetram. The Permal name is Parimala Rengan.

Dharmapuram Adheenam Mutt

One of the institutions that was formed for the flourishing of Saivamand Tamil, Dharmapuram Adheenam (Mutt) is just 3 Kms from the town..

Vedanayagam Pillai

The  Vedanayagam Pillai (1826-89) was  was a munsiff in Mayavaram. Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram ("The Life of Prathapa Mudaliar"), written in 1857 and published in 1879, was the first novel in  the Tamil language wirttern by Vedanayagam Pillai.

Gopalakrisha Bharathi

The great Carnatic composer and lyricist "Sri Gopalakrishna Bharathi” was born in this village Anathandavapuram which is located 5 Kms from this town. As a tribute to this great man, a music festival in the name of Gopala Krishna Bharathi is conducted in this village annually when renowned musicians from all over the country


Poompuhar is 25 km from Mayiladuthurai which is seashore and joining place of Cauvery and Bay of Bengal. It is the Monument Place. Tharangambadi is a important monument of this district which is near to Mailaduthurai. The fort and Beach are very beautiful.

Navagraha Temples

Vaitheswaran Temple, Thiruvengadu, and Kezha Perumpallam are nearer to Mailaduthurai. 

Kozhikuthi Vanamuttiperumal Garudasevai

History of the Temple

This temple, over 1200 years old, is unique in that it is the only one in the world where the presiding deity is 14 feet tall and it is carved out of a single Athi Tree(Fig Tree). Mythology ordains that it was here that Sri Srinivasa Perumal (Sri Vanamutti Perumal) gave Viswaroopa Dharshan to Maharishi Pippalar. The massive idol is indeed awe-inspiring.

Many years ago, Sage Pippalar got affected with a chronic skin diseases. When all his efforts for recovery failed, he prayed Lord Vishnu. The Lord appeared before him and told to travel along the banks of the river Cauvery and Lord Margasagayeswarar (Lord Shiva) will help him through the way and at one places where he will be cared would be touched by devine grace and have the privilege of witnessing the Vishwaroppa Darshan of the Lord. The Lord also added that only because of Hathi Dosham he got the skin diseases and he will be cured when he takes bath in the Viswaropa Pushkarani for 48 days. The disease was cured and the place was so called as Kodhathi Bapa Vimochana Puram now known as Kozhikuthi. More Details





Mayiladuthurai Kadaimugam Aippasi 30 Thursday 15.11.2012

Vanamutti Perumal contd....

Later chola King approached the Sage Pippalar to give solution for coming out of the sin done by him during war times. Pippalar advised him to workship Lord Sri Srinivasa Perumal and take bath in the Pushkarani for 48 days. The King was astonished by the beauty of Lord Sri Srinivasa and constructed a beautiful temple having 7 Praharams and now only one Praharam is exist. Hence the village is Cholanpettai and the Perumal is also called “Sri Vanamuti Perumal” since the Perumal is 14 ft height.

Beauty of the Temple
The Lord is made of single Athi Tree( Fig Tree) with 4 hands holding Sangu, Chakram, Gatha and Abayahastham. On another hand Tulasi Malai., Ornaments, Poonool were beautiful carved and Ajantha Painting was done. The vimanam also was constructed like an Umbralla.

Importance of the Temple
People who worship here find relief from various problems like debt, ill health and enemies, as well as those related to horoscope (Health Dosham) Sani Dosham and constellations. Sage Pippala Maharishi has alos written the “Sani Gayathri” and hence this temple is for Sani Preethi Sthalam. The inscriptions found in the temple reveal this temple is connected with Sani Preethi Sthalam. Please make a visit to the temple have the Darshan of Lord Perumal having Heritage value for future generations.

Saptha Sorupa Anjaneyar

There is a beautiful shine for Lord Anjaneya. The unique feature of this Lord Anjaneyar is that the tail is coiled with a bell which lies over the head of Anjaneyar. Here Anjaneyar is called Sapthaswara or sorupa Anjaneyar since Seven Music notes are produced (SaReGaMaPaDhaNee) when it is touched in different places. Many musicians used to visit the temple regularly. Musicians and dancers who lit the Ghee Lamp is assured of success in their profession.

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