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One of the greatest festivals in India, which attracts large crowd of pilgrims from all parts of the country, will be performed at Kumbakonam, in the holy Mahamaham Tank. This holy bathing festival of Mahamaham occurs once in 12 years at Kumbakonam The famous Mahamaham Tank of Kumbakonam is in the heat of the town. This tank covers an area of 20 acres and is in a shape of a pot. The tank is surrounded by 16 small Mandapams and one “Nava Kannika Temple” in the Eastern Side. Govinda Theekshitar, the Chieftain, of Achutha Nayaka of Thanjavur, constructed sixteen Mandapams and stone steps around this tank Next Mahamaham Festival in kumbakonam tamilnadu is 2016 Feb-March

Theerthavalam (Holy procession in Mahamaham Tank Kumbakonam on Pournami)

 If Moorthy, thalam, theertham, the three responsible factors are sacred, the whole place is set to be the holiest place on earth.  Hindu shrines attain a unique status when blessed with three special attributes moorthy(deity), thalam (temple) and theertham (source of water). So,  Theertham (Water) is the important source to live in the world. To give the importance to the people, every pournami day (new moon day), in the Mahamaham Tank,  Kumbakonam, the theerthavalam (holy procession around the Mahamaham Tank 3 times) festival is performed.  Before starting this theerthavalam, the shivachariya (priest) perform the pooja in the bank of  Mahamaham Tank to the theertham and give the Aarthi to the theertham. Then the Theerthavalam starts with  chanting of  mantras and slogas.

Pournami Theerthavalam in Mahamaham Tank Kumbakonam on Every Full Moon Day
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Kumbakonam Kumbeswarar Temple and Chakrapani Temple Masi Maham Video

Mahamaham Tank

The Star Maham is a powerful star in the 27 stars group. Every month once in 27 days. Maham star will have its own Rasi Simha. The festival on Maham star in Masi (Feb-Mar) evey year is said to he Maham festival. Once in every 12 years Masi MagaMagam is celebrated as a sacred festival in the tamil month of Masi.

The Nine Mathas (saptha Kannigai)  immediatey registered their inability in locating  the place and situation of it and requested the Lord to explain, the way to reach the tank for a holy dip. Lord Siva pleaded to accompany them to the tank and also directed them to take dip in the tank to come out of the sins accumulated. Because of the people took dip in the tank, their sins will be vanished when one had a holy day in the Holy Mahamagam days comes once in every 12 years.
Lord Siva is having his temple in North side of the Bank in the Shape of Lingam. The nine Mathas are facing Southern side of the temple and facing the deity and the tank sacred.
All around the tank, there are beautiful steps and bund, the steps are all in Blacks stones. Water will be in the tank  all around the year. But when Mahamagam  festival approaching fast, the water in the tank used to be Cleaned and fresh water will be allowed to stay for about two to three feet. Not to cause any difficulty to the devotes comes to dip in the tank.
There are 16 Mandapams around the steps of the tank, in each and every Mandapam there is temple in a tiny structure Every temple is with Siva Lingam.

The Sivalingam are.



This Mandpam has been founded by one Govinda Dheeshathar  Minister of the Nayak period. To give Theertha, to Aadhi Kunbeswarar during the festival season. The deity will present himself in the Mandapam during the festivity period. In the course of time since the Minister has given Thulabaram in the said Mandapam The memorable statue is in top of the Mandapam regarding the Thulabaram incident. Traditionaly it is believed that Nava Kanniyars. Viz the 9 sacred  rivers representing 9Mathas has reason of dipping of people committed sins. It is said that they  were merged in this tank with sacred spiritual power. This Theertham named as Kanniyur Theertham for all sins to vanish in one dip. Those  devotes taking bathe in this Kannimarr Theertham during the festival Mahamaham are bestowed with benefits and their sins are vanishing .This is the belief of one and all in the sacred India. The Theerthas in the Mahamaham   Tank: This Mahamaham Tank is not with only one river water but the water from 20 sacred rivers. This sacred Theertham is most auspicious in the land of India.

Theerthas Named in the Tank

1 Vayu Theertham 
2 Agni theertham
3 Ganga Theertham 
4 Cauvery Theertham
5 Bhrima Theertham 
6 Maga Theerthm
7 Yamunai Theertham 
8 KumariTheertham
9 Kubera Theertham 
10 Byoshini Theertham

11 Godaveri Theertham 
12 Theva Theertham
13 Essaniya Theertham 
14 Yamuna Theertham
15 Narmathai Theertham 
16 Sarayu Theertham
17 Insira Theertham 
18 Kanniaur Theertham
19 Saraswathi Theertham 
20 Niruthe Theertham

Lord Bhirma Theva has taken bath in the sacred tank and worshipped Lord shiva and has established a Teertha in the sacred name. Thik Balakas have also taken bath in the tank as like  Nava  Mathas  and has installed Theertha in their names. This can be seen in the Mahamagam tank. The thertham that has been found by Bhirma Theva is Bhirma Theertham.
When one is taking bath  in sacred tank that too in very particular in Mahamakam tank. Their sins are vanishing by the sacred spirit of Theertha. This is the belief of one and all from veda time age.
In the North Kumbamela festival is sacred and  in the south Mahamagam is great festival. Mahamagam festival is coming once in every 12 years on Maham star in Masi Month. This is a grand festival in Kumbakonam and lakhs and lakhs  of people are taking bathe in his sacred tank and no tank can be parallel to this  sacred tank.
What is Mahamagam? When it is coming? What is the auspicious concept on it, How can you understand this day. Here is the reply. Sun Lord should take place in Kumba Rasi .Jupiter Lord should stay in simha. Maham star should come on a full moon day when all this is identified in the panchanga is the day of Mahamagam festival. This day is named Mahamagam day and the auspicious day which has wide publication for each and every one to participate to sacred dip.
During this  festival day between 10.30 to 12.00 morn all the deities of this temple city will be present in this sacred tank Mandapams and to the tank and will be stow all the devotees all the good for their family and for them The Aadhikumbeswarar with  Mangala Nayaki along with parivara Devadhas in the Northern side of the tank in Bhirma Theertha Katam to give all to the devotees dipping in the tank on the day auspicious. Lord  Nageswarar, Someswarar and other  deities will be there in bathing Mandapams and give all the good to devotees. During this time Lord Indhiran and Bhirma  Theva are coming to bestow the devotees all their benefits, Those who takes dipping in that tank on the festival Mahamagam day has been said to have been Dharsan of all the Devas. They will get Richness, Good health and wealth and will be freed from all worries. Their sins will vanish once for all.
When a person with devotion takes dipping in  the center of the tank very particular in the Kanniyar Theertham will get great richness and it is equal to thousand times Ganges bath in one dip in this tank.  In the Maha periyavar Kamakodi peedathipathi Chanderswara saraswathi used to take bath in this holy tank on each and every Magamaham festival Day. History of last  mahamaham tank map

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