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Kumbakonam is a popular tourist town, 300 km south of Chennai in South India.This southern semi-urban town, engulfed in Temples, is famous for tourism activities. . This is a town where traditional arts and trade still flourish to a large extent. . To mention a few, popular beetle-leaves trade, weaving industry, beverage manufacturing etc. The town is world famous for the existence of Monuments, and has been a  great tourist spot. The Great Festival of South India is Mahamaham . Mahamaham Festival is celebrating once in 12 years. Kumbakonam is also called Temples Town. Temples near or in and around Kumbakonam are very old and full of sculptures and through out the year the Kumbakonam Temples are having festivals with traditional concepts. Adi Kumbeswarar Temple and Sri Sarangapani Temple are main temples of this Heritaget town.

Purattasi Month Garudasevai List

This Tamil month purattasi is special month to do poojas, worship the god in temples and "Purattasi Sani", all Saturdays falling in this month are also auspiciously celebrated and this month is deicated to God Perumal (Lord Venkateswara), Devotees gather in large number at Lord Vishnu temples .  The Brahmosthavam is occurred in this month. Thirupathi, Oppliappan Temple, Gunaselam, Srivilliputhur, Annankoil (Sirkazhi), Thiruvizhanthur, Thiruindalur and so on.  The Garudasevai Darshan of this month is very very important . So, List of Garusevai of this Month is given In the following List

Location Distance
08.10.2013 (Puratasi 22)
7 PM
Sri Oppiliappan Temple Brahmosthavam
6 Kms From Kumbakonam
08.10.2013 (Puratasi 22)
7 PM
Sri Srinivasa Perumal - Annan Koil
6 Kms Fom Sirkazhi
08.10.2013 (Puratasi 22)
7 PM
Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Peruma Gunaselam
20 Kms From Tiruchy
08.10.2013 (Puratasi 22)
7 PM
Sri Venkatesa Perumal - Pathur
15 Kms from Olunthoorpettai
08.10.2013 (Puratasi 22)
7 PM
Sri Prasana Venkatesa Perumal Maduri Thallakkulam
3 Kms from Madurai Main Busstand
09.10.2013 (Puratasi 23)
7 PM
Sri Vadapathra Rengamannar - Srivilliputur
1 Km from Srivilliputur Busstand
09.10.2013 (Puratasi 23)
8 PM
Sri Srinivasa Perumal - Thirupathi
12.10.2013 (Puratasi 26)
7 PM
Kachina Ventha Perumal Thirupulliyangudi
3 Kms from Srivaigundam
12.10.2013 (Puratasi 26)
7 PM
22 Garudasevai Varadharaja Perumal Temple
13.10.2013 (Puratasi 27)
7 PM
Sri Amaruviappan Perumal - Thrivazhunthur
10 Kms from Mailaduthurai
14.10.2013 (Puratasi 28)
7 PM
Sri Veeranarayana Perumal - Kattumannarkoil
19 Kms from Chidambaram
17.10.2013 (Puratasi 31)
7 PM
Sri Parimala Renganaha Perumal - Thirinthalur
2 Kms From Mailaduthurai

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  1. Sri Adivaragha Perumal Temple
  2. Sri Vedhanarayana (Brihman) Temple
  3. Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple


  1. Sri Adi Kumbeswarar Temple
  2. Sri Nageswaran Temple
  3. Sri Vizhasomeswaran Temple
  4. Sri Kasi viswanathar Temple
  5. Sri Abimukeswarar Temple
  6. Sri Bhanapuriswarar Temple


  1. Sri Bhavath Vinayagar Temple
  2. Sri Uchippillaiyar Temple
  3. Sri Karumbairam Vinayagar Temple
  4. Sri Jannatha Pillaiyar Temple
  5. Sri Vedhavinayaar Temple
  6. Sri Padaivetti Mariamman Temple
  7. Sri Bhathala Kaliamman Temple
  8. Sri PalaniAndavar Temple
Raya's Group of Hotels - Kumbakonam : Mahamaham Tank View with Gopura Dharsan from the Hotel and House of Spiritual Activies

Opiliappan Koil, also known as thiru Vinnagar is a very sacred place like Thirupathi.  The legend of this sthala is found in Brahmanda purana in Sanskrit.This place is about 5 miles to the east of Kumbakonam and buses ply often.

Kumbakonam Temples



Swamimalai is about 5 kms from Kumbakonam  on the road leading to Thiruvayaru in the west.  It is also one of the Panchakarosa sthalas, and the fourth in the Padaividus of Muruga.The meaning of pranava was explaned by Muruga to Esware here!

Pattisvaram is about 5 kms to the south-west of Kumbakonam on the south of the river Arisil.  Pattai, the daughter of the divine cow kamadhenu worshipped here and so the place got the name of Pattisvaram.  The presiding deit is Dhenupuriswarar and Gnaanmbikai

Sarangapani Temple Dakshinayana Vasal Opening Festival Adi 1st Day

In Kumbaokonam Sarangapnai and Chakrapnai temple Uttarayanam and Dakshinayanam is the important festival. The Sanctum Sanctorum has two entrances one for the period of Uttarayanam and other for Dahkhinayanam. This is the unique as well as the astrological festival of this temple. The Sun is believed to move towards the South at this time. The term Dakshinayanam literally means southern journey of sun and is the six-month period (Tamil month Adi - Thai).  By this time ie  First day of Adi, the Uttarayanam Entrance is closed and the Dakshinayanam is opened. The special poojas are performed at both the entrance in front of the Lord Sarangapani and Chakrapani Swamy.

HH of Shri Ahobila Mutt Jeer Patinapravesam

The photos taken during the pattinapravesam of H.H. shri Ahobila Mutt Jeer of in Kumbakonam on 02-07-2013 are shared herewith for your viewing and comments please. The Jeer is the 46th pontiff of shri. Ahobila Mutt and belongs to Kumbakonam. It is his maiden visit to Kumbakonam. Please share to friends and relatives.

Sudarshana Jayanthi in Sri Chakrapani Temple Kumbakonam   A Unique Festival

The Chakrapani Temple is the solitary temple for Sri Chakrapani swamy  in the subcontinent of India.  This temple is situated on the Southern Bank of the Cauvery in Kumbakonam. The sun realized his folly and surrendered to its holy feet. On this holy place Sri Chakrapani Swamy came out of shri Chakra and gave Dharsan to the sun. Having been blessed by Sri Chakrapani Swami, the sun built a temple for this Lord and requested Him to give him a boon that this holy city of Kumbakonam should be named after him as the "BASKARA KSHETHRA". The Sudarshana Jayanthi Festival is the important festival of this temple. By this time “Sri Sudharsana Homan” was performed and in the evening Sri Chakrapani Perumal comes to the mandapam near Sarangapani Temple. It was granted. The Baskara Kshetra became a renowned Pranthana Stala offering benefits to so many who worship Sri Chakrapani Swami. The Sun God is supposed to be the head of all the planets (Nava Grahas). He surrendered completely to the main deity of this temple. So if any one worships Sri Chakrapani Swami, all the Doshas due to nine planets (Nava Grahas) will vanish.


 ‘Pasu’ are the individual souls who are sunk in the quagmire of Samsara. They assume bodies to work out their good and evil actions and are born as lower and higher beings according to their nature of Karma. They do virtuous and vicious actions in the course of experiencing the endless fruits of their Karma and have countless births and deaths. Ultimately they attain the grace of Lord Siva through meritorious acts and their ignorance is dispelled. They attain salvation and become one with Lord Siva. Pathi is Lord Siva. It is the object of all the Vedas and the Agamas to explain the concepts of Lord (Pathi), bound souls (Pasu) which really means cattle and bondage (Pasam). Lord Siva is infinite Eternal, one without a second. He is changeless and indivisible. He is embodiment of knowledge and bliss. He energises the intelligence of all souls. He is beyond the reach of mind and speech. He is the ultimate goal of all. He is smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest. He is self-luminous, self-existent, self-contained, and self-delight. ‘Pasam’ is bond,The web of bonds is distinguished into Avidya or Anavamala, Karma and Maya. Anavamala is egoism. It is the taint due to the false notion of finiteness which the soul has. The soul imagines itself to be finite and confined to the body and of limited knowledge and power. It erroneously identifies itself with the perishable body and mistakes the body for its reality. It has forgotten its essential divine nature.

Vaishnava Nava Graha Temples in Kumbakonam
(Nava Divyadesam)

Sun (Suryan) : Sri Sarangapani temple ( Kumbakonam)
Moon (Chandran):  Thirunandipura vinnagaram (Naadan Kovil)
Mars (Sevvai): Srinivasa Perumal ( Nachiyaar Kovil )
Mercury (Budan): Valvil Ramar Kovil (Thirupullamboothangudi)
Jupiter(Guru): Andallakummaiyyan (Thiruaadhanoor)
Venus (Shukran): Valvil Ramar kovil (Thiruvelliyankudi)
Saturn (Sani) : Oppiliappan Swamy ( Oppiliappan Kovil )
Rahu: Gajendra Varadan kovil (Thirukavithalam)
Kethu: Jagat Rakshakan kovil (Aduthurai Perumal Koil)
Mandi : Saranathan Kovil (Thirucherai)

Nachiyar Koil Kal Garuda Sevai

Nachiyar Koil is an important  pilgrimage.  Because , The Srinivasan Peruamal Divyadesam with Kalgarudan Bhagavan , The Siva Padal Stalam and  Mangala Sani Temple, Akasa Mariamman Temple are there in this Nachiyar Koil Area.  So, throughout the year the fiesttivals are occur in these temple. This is 10 Kms from Kumbakonam and 30 Kms from Thiruvarur  in the bus route of Kumbakonam - Thiruvarur kal garuda sevai is important Festival.

Adhi Kumbeswarar Temple Kumakonam

The famous  temple in Kumbakonam is Adi kumbeswarer temple. In this place  the  sacred  Amutha Kumbam has its resting for sacred rise. Because of this, this place is  named as Kudamooku  and in due course Kumbakonam and then Kudanthai. The temple situate  in the midst of the populated area of  residence  and business attracts large gathering of devotees every day. The structure  of building is monumental and carries the glory  of historical period. The temple is beautiful in structure and of art. The Rajagopuram is fantastic and is rich in structure and height. There are 3 prakaram in and around the temple of course three Gopuram for each prakaram. In the east side Amman temple is located and the deity  is Mangalambigai.

Nageswaran Temple   - Kudanthai Kizh Kottam

This Nageswaran Temple   or Kudanthai Kiz Kottam is came out of the vilva tree leaves fell down from the kumba of pralaya kala with the grace of Lord siva in hunger rooba. This siva lingam is in the beautiful form. Thevaram has beautiful songs on this deity of kiz kottam. Lord Nageswarar  is in the Linga Rooba. Avudayar is in taller. The base of the lingam is beautiful to took and pray. Lord sun came here to pray for mercy and kindness of the Lord. In the month of Chitharai, April on 11, 12 and 13th of Tamil Day. Sun rays rolling on the deity to prove the fact of his worship historical and ancient. The sun rays entering into the deity great is said to be the worshipping of sun. There is also a temple for sun in the north prakaram and a beautiful sannithi is there to worship him Aadhiseshan as guided by  Lord shiva went to Kumbakonam. Prayed  Nageswaran and bestowed with the power on his kindness and mercy. Aadhiseshan also found a Theertham.

Kasi Viswanatha Temple Kumbakonam

            This Kasi Viswanathan Temple is situated at northern bank  of the Mahamaham  tank in Kumbakonam. This kasi Viswanathar is in Ruthra Amsam viz. Ruthra force. Lord Rama wants to add force of his might to destroy Ravana with additional force of Ruthra power which has to be granted by lord shiva is powerful to destroy the enemies. He approached sage Agasthiyar for guidance to have it granted by Lord shiva. The sage Agasthiyar acceded to the request of sri Rama and directed him to go to Kumbakonam to stay for some time to pray Kasi Viswanathan to get the powerful Ruthra power. As has been told by Agasthiyar Lord Rama came to Kumbakonam for dharshan of kasi viswanatha and daily he took prayers in the temple of kasiviswanatha regularly. After some days, Lord pleased on the devoted dedication of sri Rama bestowed him with the Ruthra power to sri Rama so as to destroy mighty Ravana a siva Baktha. For this reason the place is named koronam and in due course Thirukudanthai.

Sri Sarangapani Temple Kumbakonam

The Sri Sarangapani temple is facing east direction.This temple is the  head of all the temples. Lord sarangapani is the deity. The Lord Sarangapani the deity of pralaya samhara is appearing with five snake hood as his resting He is in sleeping posture. The Urchava Lord is standing before with merciful look and devine grace. The Karbagraha is beautiful to witness.The two front vasals – entrances are named as Uthirayana vasal and Dhashanayana vasal. Thi Uthirayana front vasal will   be opened for entrance during the month of Thai to the end of Adi end, for about 6 months for the devotees to enter and dharsan of Lord. The other entrance in the southern  side will be opened for dharshan to devotees during the first day of Adi month to the end of Margazhi . This period is for 6 months. The two vasals for entering into the temples is thus defined for 6 months course in one year viz. Uttharayana and Dhashinayana period. The goddess komalavalli Thayar Sannathi is located near the Uthirayana vasalfor Dharsan. The Moolavar and Urchavar prime god is with beautiful form and in attractive look.

Sri Ramaswamy Temple Kumbakonam

The beautiful Sri Ramaswamy Temple has been constructed during the period of Nayakars, kingdom. Dheeshatar under the guidance of the king, has constructed the temple with devotion. The temple is beautiful for its beauty and artistic nature. This temple is located in the south north of pottramarai kulam in the Tanjore road. Inside the temple premises Ramayana episode is painted in the wall in 219 paintings very beautiful and realistic, the urchavar and all other deity sculpture in the temple are very old and ancient glory. Sri Ramar and seetha is in one peedam, Lord Bharatha with umbrella. Chatrukanam with bow and arrow waiting for order to act and all in a pattabisheka pose. This is very marvelous and beautiful to witness and enjoy the blessings of the Lord sri Rama  and other deities

Sri Chakrapani Temple Kumbakonam

This famous Sri Chakrapani Temple is siuated at Kumbakonam south or river cauvery in the street north end. This temple is a big temple next to Sarangapani  temple of this sacred  Kumbakonam . The Lord Chakrapani  Perumal in this temple with a wheel bound Lotus shape Arukona Yanchra and in standing posture in great attraction, He is Seen in the wheel shape lotus, Arokona yabthra and this makes him named Chakrapani Lord, in this 8 hands there are Sangu, Chakkaram Bow, Ullakkai Manvetri, Gthai, Red lotus as wepons. The posing of the deity Chakrapani is in standing posture. There is no temple excusive for Sri Chakrapani swamy other than this one. So, it is a unique temple.

Sri Varaha Temple, Sri Rajagopalan Temple, Dasavatharam Temples are in heart of the Kumbakonam town.

Thirupurambiyam War and Temple

            There was a time when pallavas reigned supreme in the south and cholas were their vassals.  A Thirupurambiyam war broke out between the pallava aparajita and pandya varaguna.  The gangas, the cholas under vijayalaya’s son aditya jointed the pallava in driving out the pandya.  In gratitude the pallava king handed over the chola country to cholas (880 A.D.).  this was the first foundation by which the cholas established an independent dominion.  This grew on steadily and for 480 years their flag fluttered in the south.  Thirupurambiyam Temple is oldest temple. The first circuit is called thirumaligai thiruvayal.  It has a beautiful small gopura at the entrance. The goddess is karumbadu solli.  She also bears the name kuravila azhagi   To the south-east is Pralayam Katha Pilliar Koil.  The legends declare that he saved this place from deluge and hence got this name.  Punnai is the holy tree of this temple.  It is in the north-west of the first circuit.  This deity has been eulogized by the four Nayanmars.  Sundarar who visited this place has praised as being a fertile grove yielding gold.

Thirubuvanam Kampahareswarar and  Sarabeswarar Temple

This town is about 8 miles from Kumbakonam in the east.  This place is equally famous for its silk sarees as Kanchipuram.  The great Chola   Kulottunga III (1178-1218 A.D.) had the title Thirubhuvanam.  A Chola king killed a Brahmin inadvertently and he got kampa-shivering.  He prayed to this God and got rid of his shivering – kampa.  Hence the temple is also known as Kampahareswarar. The temple faces east and is visible for many miles around   The temple has two prakaras each pierced by a gopura of small height.   The Sarabeswarar shrine is located to the north-east of the main central shrine.  It faces south.  The legend of Sarabeswarar is very interesting. Narasimha after killing hiranya beames very ferocious and could not be controlled even by Devas.  The Devas turned to Siva for protection and he assumed Sarabha’s from to hold back Narasimha

Srivanchiyam Vanchinathaswamy Yama Temple

Vanchinathaswamy is the main deity of this Srivanchiyam temple. It is 25 Kms from Kumbakonam, 15 Kms from Thiruvarur and 5 Kms from Nannilam. The goddess is called mangalambikai. Here is a separate temple to Lord Yama. Lord Yama is the Guardian of this temple (Kshethrabalagar). Lord Yama carries the Lord Shiva and Maherswari as vahanam in this Temple. People come here to worship the god as he blesses them with extended lifetime. Srivanchiyam is “one-sixteenth” more sacred than Kasi.  Lord siva is said have told parvathi. Devotees are cured of illnesses after a bath in the Gupta Ganga (sacred tank)  on the northern side of the outer Prakara. According to Puranas, a holy dip is equivalent to one in Varanasi, Rameswaram and the Mahamaham Tank. Amavasya Tarpanas performed at Srivanjiyam  has added significance.

Thiru Innambur Shiva Temple

Lord of this temple is Ezhuthariouy Nathar /Aksharapuriswarar  Goddess Kottar poonkuzhali.  The lord has been  in this temple with powerful grace to devotees. Agathiaya Munivar came here to worship the Lord. Theertham of this temple is Iravatha theertham. In the main pillar of the temple. Narthana Vinakaar is for worship. It is 6 Kms from kumbakonam.

108 Sivalayam Temples Papasanam

This 108 Sivalayam Temples Lord is situated at 1 km west from papanasam in the Kumbakonam Thanjavur Road. Sri Rama came to this temple for vanishing the sins for destroying the Asuras Karasthushanar and others. He installed 108 lingas in this temples. So, this is Papanasam 108 shiva linga temple.  The lord in the  108 sivalayam is sri Ramalingam He is here to  wipe out the sins of the devotees when comes to pray in the Sannathi.

Avoor : The Lord of this temple is Pasupatheswarar and the Goddess of the temple is Mangalanayaki. The temple is at the Seventh kilometer from, Patteswaram, the village is named Madakoil Pasupatheswara the cows worshipped the Lord in devotions in this place and hence the name of the village named Avoor.

Thiruneelakudi : Lord of this temple is Neelakandeswari and goddess Umai ammai .  This .place is at 15 km From Kumbakonam Karikal road and is at 4 km from Kumbakonam Karaikal road  and is at km from Audurai railwa station.  Another name for this place is Thnnalakudi. IN THE Abishegam of oil to the Lord half of the oil will be in the Lord Thirummni itself and only half will come down. Varuna and Kanniyar prayed in this temple.

Thiru Mangalakudi : Lord of this temple is pranavaradeswarar and the goddess of the Lord is Mangalanayaki . This temple is at the distance of three kilometers from Auduthrai. Lord Sun, Goddess Mahakali, ThiumalaDevan have visited the temple and worshipped the Lord for blessings Thirugnana Sambandar and Thirunavukkarasa composed pathigams on the deity

Haridwara Mangalam :  Lord of this temple is Bathaleswarar and goddess Alankara Nayaki. This is very nearer to kumbakonam Thirugana sambandar composed songs on this lord sivaperuman broke the horn of varahi in Avathar and placed it is hit chest.

Kumbakonam Navagraha Temples List :

List of Navagraha Temples are in and around Kumbakonam. Suriyanarkoil, Thingalur, Analgudi, Thirunageswaram, Kanjanur, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Kezhaperumballam, Thiruvenkadu, Thirunallaru.

Journey Tips :

Kumbakonm to Chennai distance route map

Distance: 285 Km   Route : thambaram  melmaruvattur, tindivanam, vikravandi, panruti, vadalur, sethiathope, meensuriti and then kumbakonam. Neelathanallur Madanathur bridge is  a new route from  Jayankondam

Kumbakonm to Bangalore distance route map

Distance : 355 Km  Route : kumbakonam  sethithope panruti  tiruvannamalai uthangarai krishnagir hosur banglore  Other Route :  kumbakonam tanjore trichy karur salem dharmpuri krishnagiri hosur banglore.

Kumbakonm to Coimbatore distance route map

Distance : 263 Km  Route :  Coimbatore  Palladam  Kangeyam Karur  Trichy  Tanjavur  Kumbakonam

Hotels in Kumbakonam

Many Star hotels are in and around Kumbakonam with medium to luxury rooms are available and Traditonal foods are also available here.

The Temples in and Around Kumbakonam

Sno     Place                                                 Deity Name                                                        Kms
1         Sakkottai Kalayanallur Sakkottai        Sri Amirthakalasanaathar                                           3
2         Maruthanallur Temple                        Sri  Brahmapureeswarar                                            5
3         Thirucherai Temple                            Sri Saraparameswarar kadan nivartheeswarar            15
4         Thirubuvanam Temple                        Sri Kampahareswarar                                                6
5         Darasuram Temple                             Sri  Airavateswarar                                                    3
6         Thiruvidaimarudur Temple                  Sri Mahalingaswamy                                                  8
7         Karuppur Temple                              Sri Sundareswarar                                                     3
8         Swamimalai Temple                           Sri Sundaramurthy                                                     8
9         Thirunageswaram Temple                   Sri Naganathar  raghu kethu                                       6
10       Suriyanar Koil                                    Sri Kasivishwanathar                                                 18
12       Patteeswaram Temple                        Sri Patteswaranathar                                                  8
13       Thiruvalansuzhi Temple                      Sri Kabhartheesar                                                      7
14       Thirukodikaval Temple                       Sri Thirukodeswarar                                                  25
15       Thirumangalakudi  Temple                  Sri Prananadeswarar                                                  18
16       Korkai  Temple                                 Sri Bramapureswarar                                                 3
17       Thiruppanandal Temple                      Sri Arunajadeswarar                                                  15
18       Krishnapuram Temple                        Sri Karuneswarar                                                      14
19       Senganur Temple                               Sri Sathyageriswarar                                                  8
20       Thiruvisanallur Temple                        Sri Sivayoginathar                                                      5
21       Innambur Temple                               Sri Ezhutharinathar                                                     6
22       Thirupurambiyam  Temple                  Sri Satchinathar                                                         8
23       Thiruvisayamangai Temple                  Sri Vijayanathar                                                         16
24       Thiruvaikavur Temple                         Sri Vilvavaneswarar                                                   15
25       Nallur Temple                                    Sri Panchavarneswarar                                              25
26       Avoor Temple                                   Sri Pasupatheeswarar                                                15
27       Thiru sakthi mutram Temple               Sri Sakthivanasvarar                                                  8
28       Kizhaparayar Temple                         Sri Someswarar                                                         12
29       Aduturai Temple                                Sri Aabathsahayeswarar                                            17
30       Thiruneelakudi Temple                       Sri Neelakandeswarar                                               18
31       Konerirajapuram  Temple                  Sri Uma Maheshwarar NATARAJA TEMPLE          23
32       Thiruvavaduthurai Temple                  Sri Gomatheeshwarar  Maasila Maneeswarar             22
33       Kuttalam Temple                               Sri Uthwetheswar                                                      25
34       Thirupampuram Temple                     Sri Seshapureeswarar                                                30
35       Thiruveezhimizhalai Temple                Sri Veezhinathar                                                        33
36       Thirunaraiyur Nachiar Koil                 Sri Ramanathaswami                                                  8
37       Alagaputhur Temple                           Sri Padikkasunathar                                                   6
38       Sivapuram Temple                             Sri Sivagurunathaswamy                                            6
39       Kodavasal Temple                             Sri Koneswarar                                                         20
40       S Puthur Temple                                Sri Sanathkumereswarar                                            18
41       Ayyavadi Temple                               Sri Agatheswarar                                                       8
42       Ammankudi  Temple                          Sri Kailasanathar                                                       20
43       Karuveli Temple                                Sri Sarguneswarar                                                     25
44       Tirukarugavur Temple                        Sri Karbapureswarar                                                 22
45       Thirupparaithurai Temple                    Sri Palaivananathar                                                    11
46       Kottaiyur Temple                               Sri Kodeswaraar                                                       3
47       Haridwaramangalam Temple              Sri Pathaleswarar                                                       17
48       Avalivanallur Temple                                                                                                          10
49       Thiruvaipadi  Temple                                                                                                           8
50       Thandankoil                                       Sri Karkadeswarar                                                    10


Thiru aduthurai

Temple God here is Aptha Sagayar and the goodness Pavalalkodi Ammai. This Lord was worshipped by Sukreevan. Thevaram registered this act of Sugreswaram, as this temple is then Kurangaduthiruai. From Thiruvadai Maruthur one can reach temple at the 5th kilometer. Thirugnan Sambandar wrote inspiring poems on the Lord Supreme.


The Lord of the temple is Sitha and the Goddess of the Lord is Azhagambigai This Lord was famous for the worshipping of Sidha sages. This place is named as Sitheswaram. This temple situated at the kilometer from kumbakonam southeast

Thiru nalam

The Lord of the temple is Umamaheswarar and the goddess of the Lord is Mangalanayaki This temple is at  the 10th kilo meter from Audurai Railway station southward and the place is called by all as konarijapuram, The Sannathi of Nataraja peruman is thought provoking and inspiring.

Avalivanallur Temple

The Lord of the temple is Satrchi Nayagar and the Goddess of the Lord is soundarya Nayaki This Shrine is situated at the third kilo meter from Haridwaramangalam Sage kasibar worshipped the Lord great of the tiv village. The Lord Satshi Nayakas warar and Southaraya Nayaki are great in benelovence and blessings to devotees.

Avoor Pasupatheeswaram

The Lord of this temple is Pasupatheswarar and the Goddess of the temple is Mangalanayaki.The temple is at the Seventh kilometer from, Patteswaram, the village is named Madakoil Pasupatheswara the cows worshipped the Lord in devotions in this place and hence the name of the village named Avoor.


The Lord of this village is karpathesar Goddess of the Lord is Periyanayaki in olden age long ago Cauveri divided deep went into depth viz pathalam and no where seen with in the surface. This was seen by Eranda sage and shocked upon the naturai phonons he decided to bring back the sacred caurvery to surface even by giving. his life and as conceived he has given this life for this purpose. Cauveri river all in a suddedn came out to surface and has its run towards right side with freshness Because of this naturai disaster and the historical even of Branda Sage. The village named as Valansuzhi. The Lord vinayakar. Is in white colour and in tiny roobam is for Dharshan. The Lord white Vinayakar is in the foam form There is no performance of Abishegam for this Lord. Only green champhor is applied. To this deity Vinayagar


Lord of this temple is pranavaradeswarar and the goddess of the Lord is Mangalanayaki This temple is at the distance of three kilometers from Auduthrai. Lord Sun, Goddess Mahakali, ThiumalaDevan have visited the temple and worshipped the Lord for blessings Thirugnana Sambandar and Thirunavukkarasa composed pathigams on the deity

Tirupuvanam or Thirupuvanam

This place is famous for silk sarees of all varieties in the south.Lord of This  temple is kambaraswarar and goddess of the Lord Aram Valartha Nayaki This temple is siuated at he 6th kilo meter from kumbakonam in east and two km from Thirvidai Maruthurailway station. Thirumal in the Narasimha Avatharam applared in the pillar to destroy traniayan, Narasimhan in this fight with He irayaniyan attacked him in the front vassal steps and sucked his blood by the opening by his sharp nails. On the death of iraniayn, Narasimhan was in force of emotion and not able to control himself destroyed the world in anger, Thevergai and others were put to shock and approached siva to save, siva in form of Sarba went staight and removed the poision from the head of Narashima make him to Calm and able to get peace of mind to normal. This lord is so much powerful when one when surrenders before the lotus feet, will be relieved with all pains.  Kambam means trembling since this shrine removed the trembling of the person, trembling of Narasimhan has normal. This Lord is named Kabeswaran, This temple has been renovated by king Rasarasan and was under his able administration and control in those in days in richness and festivity.

Thirukalaya Nallur

 Lord Amirtha Kadeswarar Goddess Amirhavalli This temple is situated in the fourth kilometer from Kundanhai Needamangalam road southward this lord has songs on bim by Sundarar. This temple village is also named as Sakkottai.

Thiru iruboonai

This  lord has songs on him by Thirugananasambadar great tamil nayanmar. This village is now called as Alangudi This is situated at scond kilo meterfrom kumbakonam Needamangalam road. The temple is with beautiful structure Four sides of the temple is provided with Agazhi Dhakshinamoorthi darsan is important in this village temple. The Lord Dhashinamoorthy is famous in this temple and the sins are vanishinfg in this famous in this temple vanishing once a devotee came here for worshipping .During the Jupiter. Move to one rasi to other festivity is important in this temple. Lakhs and lakshs of people are coming to have dharsan of the Lord during of the Guru transit.Lord of this temple is kasi Arayanaswarar ans Apthasaya warar. Goddess is Elevarkuzhai Ammi

Arisil karai puthur

This temple is situated at the 7th kilo meter in the south east from Kumbakonam, on he otherised Of the river Arasaruru. This village is alsc named as azhaputhur. Saint  pugazhthunai Nayanar worsheped  the lord and composed pathigam on this lord. Because of food scaricity. The said Nayanar with Thirumanjanam pot fainted before his sannathi. He prayed for food to all and rain for cultivation. The Lord pleased on his devotion blessed him and also has given padikasu till everything set right after rain. Lord is sournapureswarar Goddess padikasu Alantha Nathar Goddess is Azhambigai.


Saint Thirgnana sambandar and Thirunavkuarasar composed pathigam great on this Lord.This temple is situated at the 5th kilo meter from Kumbakonam south east. Thirumal worshipped the lord when he has taken reincaranation. Lord is sivapuranathar Goddess singaravalli

Penu perundurai

Lord sivanantheswarar Goddess Malai Araisammai This temple situated at 12th kilo meter from kunanthai in south east the God is powerful in sivasakthi bhavan Bhrima worshiped the lord.

Thiru karikudi

Saint Thirugana sambandar composed songs on this lord this village is also named Maruthanallur this is situated at the 6 th kilo meter from kumbakonam sri Raman worshipped this lord he lord made out of sand.


Lord of this temple is Bathaleswarar and goddess Alankara Nayaki. This is very nearer to kumbakonam Thirugana sambandar composed songs on this lord sivaperuman broke the horn of varahi in Avathar and placed it is hit chest.

Thiru Innambar

Lord of this temple is Ezhuthariouy Nathar Goddess Kottar poonkuahz Ammai The lord has been  in this temple with powerful grace to devotees. Agathiaya Munivar came here to worship the Lord. Theertham of this temple is Iravatha theertham. In the main pillar of the temple. Narthana Vinakaar is for worship. This is situated at sixth kilo meter from kumbakonam.

108 sivalayam papanasam

This Lord is situated at 1 km west from papanasam in the kundatai Tanjore road. Sri Rama came to this temple for vanishing the sins for destroying the Asuras Karasthushanar and others. He installed 108 lingas in this temples Due to this greatness is papanasam. The lord in he  108 sivalayam is sri Ramalingam He is here to to wipe fout the sins of the devotees when comes to pray in the sannathi.

Thiru Aapadi

The lord in this temple is Balakuntha nathar and goddess is perianayaki. Chandikeswarar nayanar worshipped the lord and attained Mukthi. This temple is situated at the distance of 2 km from Thirupanthal in south west. Saint Thirunavakarasar composed songs on this lord.

Thiru Devangudi

Lord in this village temple is karkadeswarar and the goddess is Arumarunhammai This temple is situated at  the 2nd km from Thiriviyalur in south wst. The crab worshiped the lord and attaind Mukthi. The arro of the lord Sivalingam is in broken phose once upon a time a king in his good days suffered very serve which is incurable He came here and worshipped the lord in devotion lord appeared as a old man and directed the king to strike a particular point of place. The king forcibly hit the place and found blood coming out from the place. The old man disapperare. He is Lord Siva This is reason that the arrow of Siva is still in broken appeareance.


This temple is situated at th 6th Kmfrom Kudanthai in east. The Lord of this deity is famous for giving life even after he end of the soul. Once a devotee given his everything for removation of the temple and all in a sudden died. He was carried for rituals, The goddess of the temple sensing the situation of the Baktha given his everything for  Renovation work of the temple has given him the life. Saint Tjirugnansambandar composed songs on this Lord. The temple in Tanjore, King administrative panel.

Suriyanar koil

This temple is situated at 10th km form kumbakonam. This is one of the foremost Nagagraha temples. Every Navagraha planet has separate identical Sannathi for dharsan to the devotees. The sun Sannathi is main in this temple. Nalan the king of great worshipped Saturn in this temple. During the transists of planet. Lakhs and lakhs of people are coming to pray the Lord for all good.

Thiru nallur

Lord Kalayanasundereswarar- Goddess Kalayandun dari The temple situated at 3 km from Sundaraperumal temple Lord is in golden Roobam. This Lord is reason for the name of Thirunavakarasar Amarneethi Nayanar and his wife worshipped this lod and attained Mukthi.


Lord is Kodeeswarar Goddess panthadu Nayaki This Lord is worshipped by Markendayar the temple is situated at 4 km from kundanthai Thiruvayaru highways once Eranda Munivar while taking bath in Thirunanzhu Cauvery did not came out and has reached the villages and to support this fact, his sculpture is here for Dharsan. Once this place is full of trees. Like forest the Lord was beneath the nut of the tree and hence he is named Kottaiyru. The name of the temple is also koddeswaram. The Lord has also given dharsan to Chola king in olden days in the rooba of 1008 lingams. Even new you can see 1008 lingas in the Lord of this temples for blessings.


Lord of this temple is Neelakandeswari and goddess Umai ammai         This .place is at 15 km From Kumbakonam Karikal road and is at 4 km from Kumbakonam Karaikal road  and is at km from Audurai railwa station.  Another name for this place is Thnnalakudi. IN THE Abishegam of oil to the Lord half of the oil will be in the Lord Thirummni itself and only half will come down. Varuna and Kanniyar prayed in this temple.

Thiru Sakthi Mutram

Lord is Sivakozhindeesar and goddess Peiyanayaki Saint Thirunavarasar compose pathigam on this Lord This temple sututed at 7th km of Kumbakonam in souh west God of this provided Saint Thirunavakarasar Muthupanhal. The  festival in this temple is famous in Aani mouth that too in the first day. The goddess embrassed the Lord and spontaneously kissed him. Thereafter the temple village named Sathi Mutham


The Lord of the temple is pateeswarar THENUBURESWAR goddess is Paillavan Nayakt  The temple is situated at 7 th from South west from kumbakonam Thirugnana Sambandar came to this temple for worshipped in Muthu panthal God also has requested Nandhi to move away, so as to enable saint Thirunavakarasar to have darsan to have darsan. Sri Sri Rama came to this emple for sowrhipping Lord  ot come out of the Dhosha destroyed Vali patti daughter for Kamadenu came here to worship Pateeswaram and so the name of the village named as pateeswaram this lord also has prectectd cows and had been namd Thienubrewarar.


Lord of the temple Mullivaneswarar Goddess Karumbanyal Lord Moon worshiped the Lord made out of sand.The goddess helped and orphan woman during her delivery of a child protected  her. So, she is named Karumbanayal. Sundarar and Appar praised this Lord.


Lord of this temple villvana Eswarar Goddess Valkai Nayakai. This temple is situated at  12th km from kumbakonam on the bank of kollidam south bank. Atiger was chasing a hunter and because of fear to life he climbed on a vilva tree. Not to be a prey  not to sleep he plucked vilva and throwing it down. These leaves were felt down reelow beneath the tree. Through he did not know that there is lingam on the lingam This has been done out of fear. Any how Lord appreared before him and blessed him. Sivarathiri festival is famous in this shrine.


Lord of this temple is situated at 15 th the kilo meter in north east from kumbakonam. This  village is also named Senganur. Sandeswara Nayanar also came from this place Lord Murugan worshipped in this temple to get more strenth and weapons to destroy Surasamkaram, Sambandar praised this Lord. Lord is Sathya Geerewarar and Sugadevi Ammai.


Lord of this temple is for dharsan in bene fixing posture this emble is at a distance of 16 km kumbakonam in east Once Thadagai a young  women came to worship this Lord with garland. The Lord pleased to bend to make for garland and in the same phosture he is in the temple for dharsan to devotees. Chola king tried to remove the bending mode to stright by dragging it by Elephant and nothing resulted There are two palmyrah trees in the prakaram. The kasi Madam founded by Kumaragurubarar is here.

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