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Handloom Silk Sarees - A traditional way of Life Style

The other most important traditional trade is “Pure Silk Sarees” and Handloom Dhothis and towels, Pure silk Sarees Women here though Handlooms using of Pure Silk bought from Karnataka and Jari bought from Surat in Gujarat State.Thirubuvanam which is also in the vicinity of Kumbakonam is very famous for the production of Pure Silk Sarees. Thirubuvanam Silk producer”s Co- operative Society has earned a very good name in the production of Pure Silk Sarees, During wedding season, people from North and South are gathering here for buying “Bridal Sarees”. Similar to this “Thuhile” which is also famous for the production of Handloom Sarees, Dhothies and towels.

The Silk Sarees take important role   in  Indian Tradition  especially in Tamil Tradition.  Kumbakoam , Thirubuvanam, Kanchipuram, Arani, Selam are the important place of Silk Saree Manufacturers. Kumbakoam Silk Saree, Kanchipuram Silk Saree, Thirubuvanam Silk Saree, Arani Silk Saree and Selam Silk Saree are having their own style and concepts of weaving the sarees.  Thico Silks - The Thirubuvanam Silk handloom weaves Cooperative Production and Sale Society Limited is in Thirubuvanam near Kumbakonam in Thanjavur District.  The Thirubuvanam Silk Handloom Weavers Co-operative Production and Sale Society Ltd.  is the biggest Co-operative Society in Tamil Nadu, producing traditional Silk Sarees.  Kumbakonam  is also famous from Silk Sarees from the Period of King Chola and Nayak. Kanchipuram having their significance in weaving the silk sarees. This is called Kanchi Silk Saree


They are specialist in Wedding Indian Silk Saree types.  They are having so many Types like Cotton Silk Sarees, Pure Silk Sarees and Chinnalapatti Sungudi Sarees and so on.

Chinnalapatti Sungadi Sarees

Chinnalapatti sarees formally known as Chinnalappattu and Sungadi Sarees are made in Chinnalapatti Town in Dindugal district in a traditional way.  Handloom Silk Sarees are made in Salem and Kanchipurm. They are also having very old pattern of their manufacturing. In olden days Silk half saree is also wear by the young girls.

The above manufacturers supply materials to silk saree shops in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Culcutta and all over India and Foreign Countries.  Now a days silk sarees online trading also available in India. Online Silk Saree trading will take important part in the near future. Silk Sarees, Cotton Sarees, Sungudi sarees are being exported to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, USA and Gulf Countries.  The world class export quality products are also manufactured here.

It is traditional village in the field of Handloom saree designing. Maximum number of houses in this villages have knowledge about this fields. Now a days most of the people in the cities like to wear the traditional sarees. It will act as a major part in the Temple Festivals, Marriage functions and other traditional Festivals. Now a days, we will give moral support to develope this type of trade.

Kodali Karuppur Sari – A Organic Product from the Maratha Period

Kodali Karuppur saris were printed with natural vegetable colours. They are rich reds, black, yellow and green. These saris were made exclusively for the Thajavur Maratha Queens. This was created with fine cotton, Zari , old traditional border. They use vegetable dyes for preparing the saris. This village is near by Lower Anicut and 20 kms from Kumbakoam.  This village Sarees are used till the end of the nineteenth century

Kumbakonam is also famous for Silk Sarees. Traditoinal silk sarees are available in kumbakonam. Mogurtha Pattu silk sarees and dhoties are specially designed here. Other than Marriage function, the people like these type of clothes for casual festivals like deepavali, pongal and other temple festivals. These types of sarees are export to all part of the India and other Countries.

Temple Car Decoration works and Temple Festival Decoration works are undertaken in the Kumbakonam areas. Temple Umbralla, Pillar Design Cloths and Entrance Decoraton Cloths are manufactured here by the experts in a traditional way. These are also heritage trade of Kumbakonam town Kodali Karuppur

Pattu dhoties and sarees are specially designed here. Other than Marriage function, the people like these type of clothes for casual festivals like deepavali, pongal and other temple festivals.The other allied work related to this weaving is also undertake in and around Kumbakonam. Handloom saress are the cottage industiral work in and around Kumbakonam. These traditional sarees and dhoties are export to other states and even to the other countries. The cauvery delta is suitable for these kind of works.

The silkworm is the larva and  silkworm's preferred food is white mulberry leaves. The silk products is get from the cocoons of the larvae.   First boil intact cocoons for few minutes in water. Then Remove from the water and using a  small needle to pick up strands. Wind the silk onto a pencil. Then All the strands are combined to make a thread. Then these threads are get in to the weaving industries.  This is the basic product of Silk Manufacturing work. But Now a days the Artifical Silk Fiber is also available.

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