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Swamimalai is about 5 kms from Kumbakonam  on the road leading to Thiruvayaru in the west.  It is also one of the Panchakarosa sthalas, and the fourth in the Padaividus of Muruga.The meaning of pranava was explaned by Muruga to Esware here


Kumbakonam is famouse for the traditonal trade in the sculpures like Brass, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Gold, Silver, Various Alloys, Stone and wood  work.Swamimalai near Kumbaknam in Thanjavur district  is a production centre for bronze idols of Gods and Goddesses and great leaders. The artisans who turn out beautiful icons according to shilpa sastra right through the year, belong to the Viswakarma community. Following the tradition of sculpture making, the artists of south India still delve in creation of beautiful brass and bronze sculptures of various deitie Common people were allowed to keep these icons inside their houses and worship them daily as a part of their day-to-day living. The sculptures are broadly classified as Stone Sculpture, Wooden Sculpure, Bronze Sculpture and so on.

Swamimalai murugan temple  is fourth among the six padai veedu and also important Murugan Temple near Kumbakonam


Bronze Sculpture

The Production of Bronze Icons or Moulded Idols of Deities is a traditional one at Swamimalai lies in the vicinity of Kumbakonam. This arduous nature of processing work handled by the extraordinary skill of the inherited traditional Artisans who are specialized in this kind of work i.e., Craftsmanship following Ahama Rules & with utmost care and Devotion moreover the speciality of the clay of the Cauveri Delta which is found to be very suitable for the moulding of the Idols, the basic procees of the Idol making, is also a Boon for the development of this trade in this area Besides local marketing, this trade fetches some Foreign Exchange also on its trade of Export to other countries. The Swamimalai Bronze Icons or Idols are world famous because the manufacturer take a speical attention to do this work. Wax model before going to design the Icon.

ref : oldest tamil mathematics book name: Kannakkathikaram by Korukkayur Karinayanar

South Indian metal icons are called Panchaloha or five metalled icons. They are bronze (copper and tin) and Brass (copper and Zinc) icons. The five metals are Gold, Silver, lead, copper with tin or zinc. The panchaloha prescription referred to the addition, at the request of a client, of very minor pinches of gold and silver, more for the sake of ritual auspicial or shastra. lodge resort sterling is near swamimalai

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swamimalai Bronze sculpture is the world famous because the follows a unique bronze casting methods. The sand available in the bank of Cauvery river is play a most vital part of this Casting which is called the "Karu" of this Icons.Near Swamimalai Sterling Resorts so many icon manufacturing units are doing this process with traditonal way.

Panchaloga Statues manufacturers and Religious Statue wholesale suppliers and exporters are  also in swamimalai. The sthapathi is also a swholesale suppliers and exporters of Brass, Bronze and Panchaloga Handicrafts icons.

Wood Sculpture

Each temple in Tamilnadu having a Unique temple car with full of wooden sculpture.  Thiruvarur, Kumbakonam, Thiruvidaimaruthur, Srivilliputhur and Tirunelveli Temple cars are the very big and having full of rare wooden sculptures. In all Siva and Vishnu temple festivals, the wooden vanam (Vehicle) play an important role.  Apart from that all the doors in temples and heritage places having a chain of small wooden floral designs with vedic sculptures.

Stone Sculputres

A stone sculpture makes a great gift to the Indian Heritage especially to the Tamil Tradition. Each piece of temple sculpture has a precise iconographic meaning and plays a role in identifying and celebrating the principal deity housed in the temple. So many types of stone sculptures are available in Tamilnadu. Music sculpture, Bharathanatyam Sculptures,  various images of deities,  floral sculptures, traditional habits based sculpture were  widely used in Chola temples.  Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram  is a UNESCO identified Heriage palce. The Stone sculptures are very famous in this area. Mahabalipuram is the port city of Pallavas dynasty. The monuments are mostly rock-cut and monolithic.

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