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Even in the field of commerce, Thanjavur District  remains as a leading towns from the olden days. Being at the center of Chozha Kingdom, Kumbakonam excels in the fields like agriculture, textiles, copper-vessel-making, amalgamated sculpture making, temple building construction, making of holy chariots, cars and related sculpture as well as upholstery, making of temple jewelries, musical instruments, and many more. These products are being exported to different countries. Such is our traditional trade which is still seeing green days.


The Production of Bronze Icons or Moulded Idols of Deities is a traditional one at Swamimalai lies in the vicinity of Kumbakonam. This arduous nature of processing work handled by the extraordinary skill of the inherited traditional Artisans who are specialized in this kind of work i.e., Craftsmanship following Ahama Rules & with utmost care and Devotion moreover the speciality of the clay of the Cauveri Delta which is found to be very suitable for the moulding of the Idols, the basic procees of the Idol making, is also a Boon for the development of this trade in this area. Besides local marketing, this trade fetches some Foreign Exchange also on its trade of Export to other countries.

Swamimalai is famous for Brnoze Icons and other temple relative products And it has a main Murugan temple whcih is called one of the Arupadaivedu Temple. It is also near by Kumbakonam. It is a world famous Icon centre. Most of the temple related to Icons are designed by here only.

NachiyarKoil KuthuVilakku - Brass Ornamental Lamp

Nachiyarkoil is the most important centre to manufacture the Brass Ornamental Lamp.  The occupation of this village is Lamp making.  The manufacturer  here produce lamps of various shapes, sizes and designs. Poompuhar handicrafts  Brass Works  organisation  Tamil Nadu state, runs a brass and bell metal casting unit at Nachiarkoil. Lamps reflect our rich tradition and cultural heritage, and no worship or festivity is complete without lighting a lamp kuthuvilakku,  Paavai vilakku, Sara vilakku are the traditional lamp of Tamilnadu.  Brass lamps more traditionally known as “Kuthu Vilakku” which reflect the cultural heritage of the state. These lamps are used for pooja purposes and decorative purposes, The Agamas (scriptures) describe the objects necessary for puja.

 A wooden box made up of two equal halves is filled with river sand and the impression of the lamp is obtained. Molten bell metal is poured in the space created. The metal is cooled and a rough cast is obtained. Then the rough model is engraved by the worker and take a final shape. 

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