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Folk dance is very simple with the background of Gramiya padal. In all villages of India especially Tamilnadu , the special Folk dance is perform in the temple festival.  It is unique and special type of steps and songs.

Puravi Attam – Poikkal Kuthirai Dance – Dammy horse dance

It is a folk based dance. The dummy horse is made of jute, cardboard, paper and glass. The dancer dance on wooden legs or stilts that He attach to his feet. It isn’t easy to dance on stilts. Earlier, stilts were used to prevent the dancer from being harmed by snakes or scorpions. They can do many acrobatics too. While dancing, they sometimes carry a sword or a whip. Poikkal Kuthirai Dance is the Musical heritage of India especially in Tamilnadu. .

Bommalattam or Puppetry or Puppet Show

The Puppeteers, stand behind a screen and the puppets are held in front of it. We make the puppets dance and speak using strings or wires. There are different kinds of puppets. Puppetry or Puppet show is a very ancient art and it is enjoyed all over the world. Leather Puppet Show or Leather Bommalattam is a traditonal puppet dance.

Therukoothu (Street Play)

It is a traditional dance. Their performances are usually between the months of Ponguni (March-April) and Aadi (July – August). They tell stories, sing songs, dance and create their own dialogue in shows. They begin the show late in the evening and continue throughout the night. They wear traditional costumes, rich in colour. They use face masks, head and shoulder gear and shields too. The harmonium, mridangam, and cymbals are their musical accompaniments.   

Villupattu (Bow Song)

The main artist sing a song with the help of the Villu (Bow) . The Main singer narrates a tale along with some lively songs and the rest of the troups sings along with hime or her as a chorus. The also use other musical instruments for the rhythm

Thappattam (Dance with Folk Instrument)

It is very ancient one in Tamilnadu.  In Tamil, the word “Parai” means to speak or to tell. The parai is an ancient instrument performed in the courts of Sangam. Chola, and Pandiya rulers. The drums were used to announce important messages and orders of the great Tamil Kings. The famous epic silapathigaram talks about the striking rhythm of the Parai (Thappu). The same person beats the Thappu and also dances.

Oyilattam : (Dance of beauty and grace)

Twelve to twenty of us stand in a row and perform the dance to rhythmic music with intricate folk work and graceful gestures. This folk art is originally from madurai and theni and is now popular through out tamilnadu. Their costumes include a coloured sash(cloth belt) around their hips, a coloured turbon or ribbon or their heads and bells on their feet. Nowadays, both men and women do this dance.

Karagattam  (Dance with Pot on the Head) Karakattam

Karakattam or Karagattam is a Traditional folk dance of Thanjavur District of Tamil nadu.  The dancer having a pot on the head with colourful dances.  Karagam, Kavadi and Pots are the allied instruments which is very colorful.  It is very systematic dance in folk and also very difficult to perform in the stages. These pots decorated with a bunch of flowers These are the Folklore type of dance.




Mayil Attam represents the peacock dance.  The special type of dress with peacock colour  is  a suitable for the dancers. Like mayilattam , the other one is kaalai Attam. This is also another type of dress code with bull. 


Kolaattam is performed by women with having two sticks in each hand  and clap with their stick. Pinnal Kolaattam is also another type of folklore which is performed in the Bharathanatyam.

Kummi Attam

Kummi is the traditional dance in the villages  where the women form a circle and clapping their hands.  There are so many types of Kummi Attam. In villages during the festival season tis type of Kummi Attam is performed.  They are also sing a song with a uniform time interval. This is having a rhythmic musical sense. Oyil Kummi is also another type of Kummi which is having a small iron ring.


The kavadi is the special wooden type of material having bamboo strips are bent like a semi circle covered with cloth and decorated with peacock feathers on either side of the Kavadi.This Kavadiyattam is a traditional religious dance which is perform when the devotees are climbing hills to reach the murugan temple. The song is kavadi sindhu


Snake Dance

Usually  the young girls are performing this type of Snake dance.  The dress code is just like a snake skin with the head of the snake.  The movement of this dance is coincide with the snake movements.  They raise the hand and symbolically impress the hood of a snake. They are often doing the biting movements with hands.


Silambattam is a traditional way of showing their power of human being.  The performing people having a long stick. This is used to practice  a self defence methods in folk dance.  They are using a stepping styles in the uniform interval time.  The steps are related to their hand and the leg.  Kai Silambu Attam and Chakkai Attam are also various type of Silambattam.

Puli Attam d Urummi Melam Dance

The Pulli Attam is  oldest dance style in the villages and the artist makeup with yellow and black  like a tiger.  The jumping over the stage with the support of Urummi Melam.  The young men jump here according to the rhythmic sound.  Kaalai Attam is also another type of animal dance. But the artist having a mask like a bull head.  They jump over the stage with  sound.

Kazhai Kothu

Kazhai Kothu is a oldest pattern of gymnastic and circus play.  The man or women play in the rope which is tide on either side with a wooden Pillar.  For the balancing purpose the man or women having a bamboo  stick in their hand and walk through the rope and doing a different style of walk.  This is perform in the streets and bus stand and all the village festivals.

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