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There are three Gurus (Govindapuram Bodhendra Swamigal, Thiruvisanallur Shridhara Venkateswara Iyyavaal and Marudaanallur Sadguru Swamigal), who have prescribed Dhivya Naama Sangeerthana and Bhajan as the only source for Mukthi in Kaliyuga.

Sri Radha Kalyana Mahosthavam, Sri Seetha Kalyana Mahosthavam, Rukmini kalyana Mahosthavam are offenly celebrate in the Tamilnadu especially in the sourthen part of India. This is the Tradional one from the disciples of saint Thyagaraja. These type of Festival contains Unchiverthi Thodaya Mangalam Samrathaya Divyanamam   Ashtapathi Mangalashtakam Vasantha Kelikkai and Pavvalimbu and so on. Another one is simply perform the Bhajan or . Dhivyanama Sangeerthanam or Namasankeerthanam. In this Holy Kalyanam, bajan sampradayam Paddhati are the important one.

Kumbakonam is at its best in the fields of arts, literature, culture etc. Also in the three language forms, namely, prose, music, drama, the town’s contribution is tremendous. To name a few examples, we get the best of bajan (devotional rendering), namasageertthanam (varied names God), harikatha (rendering of holy events), bagavatha mela (praising chants with drums), veda parayanam (chanting of Vedas), musical festivals, free service for upanayana (holy thread worn on the body), classical dance bonanza, aradhana (praising of sages), Guru puja ( praying for guru-mentor), puppet shows, informal street plays, dance with holy vessel on the head), kavadi shows (special kind of sticks-embedded gasket carried on the shoulder), and more are this town’s special events. At Kumbakonam, we have several cultural Associations, like, Vani Vilasa Sabha, Youth bajan Sanaj, Growing musicians’ Association, Nattiyanjali Sabha, Margazi (a Tamil month) Music festival and more are conducting cultural and musical functions from time to time. Tamil Associations like Mutthamizh Mandram strive hard for development of Tamizh language. Some Ladies Associations like Kodhai Kuzhaam, Kamatchi Bajana Mandali are also helping this holy cause in Kumbakonam.



Miruthanga Vidvan Poongulam Sabesaiyer Memorial Day is celebrated every year on Nov 2nd . He is a great musician and he played for many Bajan and Namasangeertham


Sri Tyagaraja attained mukti in the year 1847. The mortal remains of this great soul were interred on the banks of the Kaveri and a Brindavana was erected over the spot.The Umayalpuram brothers, Krishna Bhagavatar and Sundara Bhagaavatar and othes used to go to the Samadhi every year on the Pushya Bahula panchami day, do puja and then return home and perform the aradhana proper. From the year 1907 onwards, the Samadhi Utsava entered a new phase. Tillisthanam Narasimha Bhagavatar and Panju Bhagavatar, along with Tiruch Govindasami Pillai, the great violinist, began to celebrate the festival on a grand scale

Umayalpuram is also famous for Namasangeerthanam Sri Thiyagarajar direct disables was also livied in this village. Now every year the Divyanama Mahosthavam is bring celebrated here The Radha Kalyana Mahosthavam is celebrate every yaer. The Functions are Asthabhathi Bajan Abinaya Divyanama Bajan BhathiRasa Namasangeerthanam Samrathaya Unchiverthi Dhodaya Mangalam Samrathaya Dhivyanamam Sri Radha Kalyana Mahosthavam Sri Anjanayer Usthavam

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